Who we are


  • I am a 20-something, oldest in the family, Catholic, tea chugging, wanderlusting, Autumn-obsessed archer.
  • I have a undergraduate degree in Music (I once had delusions of grandeur) and a Masters in Library Science (which didn’t succeed in making me any more organized.)
  • My natural habitat is either out in a foggy wilderness or in old, dusty book stacks. I’m also drawn to old cemeteries, which may or may not be cause for concern…
  • Rain makes me want to go outside for a walk.
  • I have dreams of writing a book, but as I’ve been working on a manuscript for 5 years and only have 40+ pages to show for it…well, it should be done when I’m 90.
  • It has been my goal for many years now to curb my sister’s coffee addiction…
  • My family – honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without them. They mean the world to me.


  • I am a 23-year-old, coffee-loving, photo-taking, phone-answering, city-dwelling, travel-loving sort of gal.
  • I graduated with a degree in journalism.
  • I love to write, read, look through stacks and stacks of books.
  • The song “Let It Be” by the Beatles always makes me a little teary-eyed.
  • I’m doing the best that I can to improve my photography and make it my profession.
  • Pickles, cheese, hot dogs, Pop Tarts, pastries, potatoes (in any form), pie, breakfast foods: these are my favorite foods.
  • Coffee inspires me to be a better person. I kid, I kid!        Sort of…
  • When visiting a new blog, the first thing I do is read the “About Me” section.
  • My family is the most important aspect of my life. I love them and their crazy, loud, zany ways.
  • You can read my blogging ways here.