The Lampshades

You may find yourself feeling confused by the title of this blog. Don’t fret, most people get that feeling while dealing with us!  However in this case, there is an explanation to back up the madness.

Three or so years ago, Emily and I searched around a frame/art store for…something. Honestly, I don’t remember the specifics of the outing or our mission in being at this store. What’s important is not what we went in for, but the treasures we came back out with.

Picture two paintings. (Hopefully you won’t have to imagine them for too long, we’re hoping to post pictures soon!) These paintings feature one woman per frame. One is blond, one is brunette, the background colors are bright, flashy, and each delightfully decorated woman is sporting an equally flashy lampshade upon her head.

These two works of art lay at the back of the store in the uber-clearance section. No one had found the humor or value in these paintings until now, or perhaps no one had been able to fathom what to do with such pieces. Emily and I were only too eager to let our imaginations run wild.

So we bought them. They hung in our college apartment for 2 years and upon going our separate ways we split up the duo and each took one to our new, respective living places. Somewhere along the way they became representative of the craziness that springs forth when she and I spend too much time together; or any time together for that matter.

And so, in the spirit of the Lampshade Girls, we have this blog.

Note: We’re not as crazy as we sound. Or maybe we’re more crazy than we sound. Ask our mother.